Patricia Levell

     Psychologue, m.a

Meet the TEAM

Patricia Levell

M.A.  Psychologist
~ Director

Patricia sees people as fundamentally resilient and she believes that within the context of a supportive, safe relationship, they can develop an understanding of their patterns, recognize their strengths and acknowledge and heal from the wounds they have. Growth comes from self knowledge, self-compassion and learning new coping skills to help move forward.

Brenda Wisenthal

Social Worker/Counsellor

I work with clients to help them improve their relationships, emotional well-being, and quality of life. I assist and collaborate with my clients in identifying clear and attainable goals, building on their strengths, bolstering their coping strategies, and improving their self-esteem.

Isabelle Richter 


Resonating in the consciousness of the mind and in the body, that is when we can really heal ourselves.  It is with this philosophy I work in my holistic practice using osteopathy and somatic intelligence.

I treat:
people of all ages
physical and emotional injuries.

Jenna Sevack 



True to the principles of osteopathy, I use a holistic approach, addressing the whole body and other contributing factors rather than only the symptomatic area. I  enjoy treating a wide variety of clients including high level athletes, babies, children, pregnant women and seniors. I  strive to create a safe space for clients of all backgrounds.




After a full and rewarding career as a high school Guidance Counselor, I retired to dedicate more attention to the field of mind-body integrative wellness. Here at Yellow Umbrella and elsewhere, I have a three part private practice: individual Counselling; small group Meditation Coaching and; Mindful Schools programs.

Susan Greenspan

Naturopath and Integrative Holistic Therapist

Susan is a perfect balance of what a Naturopath, holistic therapist should be. She lives her truth and is honest about her own journey. She uses the power of understanding food properties, supplementation, meditation, drumming, hands on therapies, etc   to find the right balance for each individual to create their own healing process.

I am entirely dedicated to and passionate about what I do and a firm believer in this holistic, non-invasive therapy, which is so much more than just a “foot massage for sore feet”. People of all ages and in all states of health can benefit and help maintain their level of health, use Reflexology as prevention as well as to relieve numerous aches and pains, deeply relax and find balance.

It was the desire to make a difference in people’s lives that put me on the path of acupuncture. I am a firm believer that healing comes from within. Diseases are due to an imbalance and as a health professional, I see my work as a partnership where I assist my clients to restore balance and thus regain their vitality.

Alyssa Shaw

ADHD Coaching


I am passionate about using a strengths based approach to challenge the limiting beliefs and negative self talk that may be holding you back from thriving with your unique and wonderful ADHD brain. Partner with me to find your voice, tap into self-awareness, and problem-solve unique ways to work with your ADHD instead of against it.


Melissa Levell

B.Sc. Kinesiologist


Health should be a priority in our lives.  For the last 10 years, I have been working towards helping people take control of their physical health through training.  Since graduating from The University of Texas in 2014, I have been working as a kinesiologist.

Maryse Gautier


 Meditation instructor

Now a certified MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) teacher and a psychologist, her view of health has always been with a holistic perspective and with a client-centered  approach.