Andrea Mühlebach


I am a dedicated and experienced Reflexologist trained in various techniques and specialize in Cranio-Sacral Reflexology. I am entirely dedicated to and passionate about what I do and a firm believer in this holistic, non-invasive therapy, which is so much more than just a “foot massage for sore feet”. People of all ages and in all states of health can benefit and help maintain their level of health, use Reflexology as prevention as well as to relieve numerous aches and pains, deeply relax and find balance.

Before diving into the field of complementary medicine as a Reflexologist, I  worked as a certified translator and journalist. Always having had a keen interest in natural health methods, I wrote, compiled and translated a book on medicinal herbs and produced my own line of herbal teas before going on to train as a Reflexologist with a number of leaders in the field. I believe that when you take care of your feet  – you’re feet will take care of you!

I became certified in both Foot and Hand Reflexology with the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC, 2009), then specialized in Cranio-Sacral Reflexology with CSRI of the UK, 2012. I am trained in Thai Reflexology as well as Padabhyanga and I am a professional member of RAC (RCRT) and MCSRI.

I am happy to work with my clients in English, French, German and Spanish.