Susan Greenspoon

Naturopath and Integrative Holistic Therapist

Susan is a perfect balance of what a Naturopath, holistic therapist should be. She lives her truth and is honest about her own journey. She uses the power of understanding food properties, supplementation, meditation, drumming, hands on therapies, etc   to find the right balance for each individual to create their own healing process. She understands that many of us have analytical minds and there is where we live most of the time. In respecting that, she creates an enlightened space where even those who have the most difficulty letting go will do so, finding their own way on their own path with her guidance.

Through the elements of her healings she will create connection between body and mind using a combination of therapies  she will guide you to your roots, help you get centered, quiet your mind, heal your body, so that you may trust your journey and be in alignment with your true self.

Creating a life of higher frequency and a balance we all truly want.

Member of OCPNN since 1995

Naturopath with Masters in Integrative Holistic Therapies and Shamanism

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