Sheila Southon 

Counsellor and Naturotherapist

After a full and rewarding career as a high school Guidance Counselor, I retired to dedicate more attention to the field of mind-body integrative wellness. Here at Yellow Umbrella and elsewhere, I have a three part private practice: individual Counselling; small group Meditation Coaching and; Mindful Schools programs.


One on one Counselling:

I earned my Master’s in Counselling Psychology as a single mother of two, living on welfare.  That's how I know, when I sit down with people who are facing overwhelming challenges, that anything is possible. 


After 25 years as a professional Counsellor I firmly believe that the vast majority of us can find our own best solutions, as long as we can find inner peace and clarity first.  That's how stress management became my therapeutic priority. 


My individual Counselling style incorporates mind body psyche understanding, so is both Solution Focussed and Existential.

I love those precious moments when I see my clients touch something deep within; when insights dawn and plans fall into place. I celebrate with them as they shed fears, self-inflicted suffering and anything else that's been holding them back. I'm continually inspired to witness the emergence of their authentic self.


Small group meditation coaching:

I’ve been fascinated by the mind body connection since the 1980s, which eventually led me to study with Deepak Chopra. My Chopra certifications helped focus my understanding of the constant interplay between our mental and physical health.


I teach Deepak Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation program. It's a full treatment of the physiology, psychology and philosophy that allows anyone to begin or deepen their own meditation practice. 


Meditation is of course the gold standard of self directed stress management techniques.  But regular mediators know that relaxation is only the beginning of the benefits of a regular practice.


That's why I also design and teach programs that go beyond stress management. This fall's program will focus on Chakras and the Energetic Body. For example, did you know that the 7 major chakras correspond closely to areas where the endocrine system is most active?  “Where attention goes, energy flows.”


Mindful Schools programs:

My years working in education taught me where, how and most importantly by whom mindfulness can be incorporated into school life at any level. Mindfulness practice increases emotional self regulation, attention, memory and the ability to be compassionate.  Both the individual and school communities benefit.


My passion is coaching non-teaching educational professionals the why's and how’s.  I've given one hour introductory workshops to hundreds of LBPSB professionals, and designed more in depth training by distilling decades of my own fascination with mind body psyche insights.


I'm open to working with any educators who want to share the gift of peace with their students.



I charge $95 for individual sessions. Prices for workshops and coaching vary.


I'm a member in good standing of l'Ordre des Conseillers et Conseillères d’Orientation du Québec (OCCOQ) and of the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). My Chopra and Yoga instructor certifications also allowed my certification as Quebec Naturotherapist (ANQ) so my receipts reflect both professions.


Call Sheila at 514-885-5813 or by email: