• The Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center stems from working in the mental health field for  over 25 years,  and my own life journey. My professional roots, coming from  the community, have taught me that with support, people can learn, grow and heal.  Recognizong that people heal and flourish when they are truly “seen”,  and are supported in their efforts to nurture themselves  emotionally, physically, spiritually, creativly, and intellectualy. Seeing that healing comes from diverse places. Given this belief, it is a true joy  to bring together a diverse team of independent practitioners who  are focused on promoting  wellness.
  • I have faith in the resiliency of people and it is my sincere hope that this center will be that safe enough space that people come to nurse their wounds, ground themselves and be able to grow. By meeting our clients where they are, we help them to accept themselves and accompany them in making the changes they are looking for.

  Patricia Levell , Psychologist – Director Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center