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Naturopathy is a holistic approach encompassing all aspects of your life; nutrition, stress management, exercise, work and home environment, emotions, vitamins and medication you are taking, etc. Differing from a nutritionist or a dietician who may focus on diet, naturopathy encompasses how all of your body systems are working, your liver, your glands, hormones etc.

How do I know if  I could benefit from consulting with a Naturopath?

  • You are suffering from specific ailments and you would prefer to explore natural alternatives to identify and treat the root cause rather than mask the symptoms.
  • You recognize that the body has the natural ability to heal when given the proper tools.

What do I look for in my  Naturopath?pexels-photo-26843

  • Experience, passion, knowledge.
  • An individualized approach and proven results.
  • Someone who is certified, and a member of a recognized professional organisation
  • A Naturopath who walks the talk.