Arantza Izurrategui – Change by Art

Arantza studio photoWith more than twenty years of
experience, Arantza, is equipped to guide you
in becoming your own healer through art. Her
teachings transcend the making of beautiful
artwork in that they provide valuable skills to be
used at home, with your family life or in a
professional environment.

You will express the creativity trapped
within, embrace life’s challenges with
mindfulness, learn how to cope with stressful
life transitions or simply evolve into a better version of yourself.

The workshops, classes, and retreats
designed by Change by Art, encourage
adults and children alike to live the
transformative power of healing with art.

Whether it is, meditating with mandalas,
journaling your feelings, or painting a mixed
media canvas, Change by Art fosters self-
directed experiences of creativity,
mindfulness and connection with our
surroundings, others and especially