Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls

You're invited to join us in surrendering to the magical sounds of Tibetan Healing bowls: an ancient Buddhist practice that enhances physical and emotional well being through harmonious vibrations that bring you inner peace, calm your mind and rejuvenate your cells.
Chopra certified Vedic Educator Elaine Claivaz will treat you to meditation, chakra toning and relaxation.
Bring a mat, blanket and small cushion and let the vibrations flow through you.

Wednesday, April 24

7:30 - 9:00 pm
$30 pp.
Please register by interact transfer to Elaine at

Call/text Sheila at 514-885-5813


Heart Warriors - CPR Certification

Offered by CPRmontreal


If someone had a heart attack or looked like they had, would you know what to do?
If not, CPRmontreal is hear to change that.


Saturday, April 27th



Advanced Sign-up is required

Contact CPRmontrealat



Soul Spa Mediation

With Naturopath and Integrative Holistic Therapist Susan Greenspan

This 5 week program will help you disco­ver your unique soul expression and brin­g out the ability of living this to your­ fullest.
Using the model of the tree of life, we ­will explore individual aspects or attri­butes of soul. Through this. awareness o­f one's uniqueness is understood and bro­ught into focus.
By blending Shamanic interpretation of t­he elements into our meditations, freedo­m of self expression is liberated.

Starting Friday, May 3rd­

Cost $200.00 for the program­


Given by Julia Wight

Starting Monday May 6th

10:30 - 11:30 am

Satsang Cinema


"Satsang" is a gathering of like-minded people, traditionally around a Guru. Since we don't have a Guru, we're using films to inspire and intrigue us, sparking a sharing of ideas you might never have considered before.


Wednesday, May 8

The film will start promptly at 7pm.

Discussion afterwards facilitated by Sheila Southon, Counsellor & Naturotherapist. $10 pp at the door.

Qs: 514-885-5813 or