Newsletter #4

Words of Wellness

September 2018

Ahhh,September.  That really interesting month that seems to compel us to hit the reset button as we shift from the easy going summer pace into the more serious mode of fall and the beginning of school year, regardless of of our age and responsibilities.

You may wish to take some time to pause and notice what September brings to you.  As you will see in this month's newsletter, at the YUWC, we are happy to notice that: September is Reflexology month, and is a great opportunity to experience this remarkable therapy; it is time to get to know more about Isabelle Richter and her core concepts of osteopathy; it is also time for new faces to join us here.  I am happy to announce that Melissa Levell will be coming under The Yellow Umbrella, offering her Ufitness services of kinesiology, focusing primarily on postural, core, and functional training and her passion for health. Keep tuned for more about her services.


World Reflexology Week - Sept. 24 - 30th

Experience Reflexology First-Hand: Trial Sessions September 26th!


 Reflexology is one of the fastest growing therapies in North America, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). So much more than just a foot massage for sore feet, reflexology is a non-invasive, gentle therapy based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every part of the body, including glands and organs.  When acupressure is applied to specific reflex points, it helps to relieve tension in related areas of the body, encouraging the body to re-establish its natural balance.
     During a reflexology session, the client's body goes into a deep state of relaxation, a state of ‘rest, digest and repair’, as opposed to the ‘flight or fight’ survival mode of hectic everyday life. The circulation of blood and lymph is stimulated, carrying vital oxygen to the cells and helping the body to get rid of waste and toxins. It is like receiving a massage of the inner body. After a reflexology treatment clients often report feeling re-energized, but also being able to sleep better. Many people with chronic or acute pain, or stress-related issues turn to reflexology for relief.  
     My journey with reflexology began many years ago, as a client. I was so thrilled with the results that I decided to become a reflexologist myself. I trained and certified in basic hand and foot reflexology with the Reflexology Association of Canada, Craniosacral Reflexology, Thai, and Holonomic Reflexology as well as Padhabyanga, an Ayurvedic lower leg massage.
     I am still amazed, daily, how powerful reflexology therapy is.  I help my client’s body re-establish its natural equilibrium, which is a prerequisite in order to remain healthy, and heal, if you are already dealing with an issue. It is such a simple approach, pressing “buttons” on the hands, feet or ears, yet the results speak for themselves: decreased pain, better digestion, a stronger immune system, improved circulation, decreased anxiety, improved sleep, better focus and concentration, a feeling of general well-being, just to name a few… 
     Clients are often surprised at how much better they feel - physically, mentally, and emotionally - after a session. In particular, they feel more grounded, yet have more energy. My clients include toddlers to people in their nineties, both relatively healthy people and those with chronic or critical illnesses. That is the best thing about this therapy: Everyone can benefit from reflexology.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to try reflexology and see what it can do for you!



Andrea Mühlebach, RCRT, MCSRI, ANQ,
has been working as a craniosacral reflexologist for 10 years, and is passionate about making reflexology a go-to therapy to help people feel their best.

For further info or to book an appointment
contact Andrea at:


Meet Osteopath Isabelle Richter and
the 20 Core Principles of Osteopathy

 Hello wellness enthusiasts! I am Isabelle Richter, the osteopath at the Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center. In this introduction, I will begin expressing the beauty of osteopathy through one of its 20 core principles, and how I use them in my 10 years of practice. May this acknowledge what you already know about osteopathy, and deepen the meaning of it while getting to know me in the process.
     We begin with Holism. Osteopathy sees the human as a dynamic being in equilibrium with themselves and with the environment. The founder of osteopathy called it “connected oneness”. In treatment, the osteopathic approach connects as many structural and functional manifestations as needed to restore balance.
     In my clinical practice with the principle of holism, my first meeting with you will go through the usual medical history intake information. I will also ask questions in how you are sensing your body’s internal environment and the environment surrounding you. This touches on how your mind/psyche interprets what is going on, how your spirit senses it, and how your body manifests it all. Standard tests follow to see where your structure is moving well; bringing the awareness to the eyes and hands of the osteopath on what is not moving well. As we move into treatment, the wellness that exists in you guides the correction; it brings the potency and potential in bringing the body back to its connected oneness-holism. Holism is a far reaching indispensable component to the basic osteopathic philosophy and practice.
       Please enjoy following the other 19 core principles and my use of them on our facebook page this month.
      Enjoy September!


Upcoming Events at the YUWC

Chakras and the Emotional Body - Meditation Program
with Counsellor Naturotherapist Sheila Southon

Starting Wednesday September 12th


Yellow Umbrella's Counsellor Naturotherapist, Sheila Southon will host a new meditation program focusing on healing using the chakras.  For 8 Wednesday evenings we'll explore how emotions are the language between the body and mind, and the special role each chakra plays.  Each session will inspire with new ideas, soothe with guided experiences and teach techniques to enhance your personal inner journey. 

@ Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center
Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30pm.
September 12th - October 31st
$280 pp
Group will be closed at 6 participants

Bodytypology Online Weight Loss Support Group 
with Naturopath Sue-Anne Hickey

Starting Wednesday September 18th

This is a 12 week program with online group coaching sessions for people who have tried everything to lose weight.

  • No counting calories
  • No counting points
  • No weighing your food
  • Save time and money

Start with a one on one session to get you your personalized plan
to balance your dominant gland that is keeping the weight on. And then join a group of motivated women for support and encouragement!

Email or call Sue-Anne for more info
and to reserve your place.



World Reflexology Week – September 24 - 30


Experience Reflexology First-Hand September 26th 

In honour of World Reflexology Week, ReflexOasis is offering sessions at a special rate of $1/ minute to give people the opportunity to learn about reflexology and experience its benefits first-hand, or foot, so to speak.
Book your trial session now!