Newsletter #5

Words of Wellness

October 2018

Fall is a great time to remember that we don't have to choose between work and play, or between self care  and responsibilities.  As we look at raking the leaves in the next few weeks, I am reminded that we don't have to buy into these dichotomies.  I can do my yard work and notice the fresh fall air. I can remember the childhood joy of jumping in leaves, while getting a needed "task" done.  I will likely recreate it too!  I can use it as a gentle reminder to continue on this path.  I can pause during or after "serious" work and notice my breath, stretch my shoulders.  Blurring the line between responsibility to others and to myself.  I can move towards remembering my well being regardless of what I am doing.

This month, we take time to pause and nourish our minds as Isabelle Richter answers  questions about Osteopathy.  You can also explore the many group offerings: weight loss support,  guidance in adopting a more active lifestyle, and opportunities to grow through your creative side.

Osteopathy FAQ

      Osteopathy is a powerful therapeutic tool available for your health toolbox.  Don’t be fooled by its name, Osteopathy is more than just treating the bones.  However, the bones are the most dependable of human tissue, a consistent reference point for the body to use and act on, as the osteopath observes with looking, listening and touching.  Osteopathy is also looking at all other human tissue as well as its fluids, pressures, and energy (the physiological vitality).  Osteopathic investigation is deeply rooted in the sciences of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and pathology.    When choosing your therapeutic tools to support your healing, ask as many questions as necessary to clarify your needs.  Here are some frequently asked questions answered.  I encourage anyone who has more questions to please email me at

When did Osteopathy come into existence in Quebec? Osteopathy in Quebec began in 1981 in Montreal.

What is osteopathy?   Osteopathy in Quebec is exclusively manual (palpation with hands) with the objective to reestablish the functionality of all structures in the human body while favoring its inherent ability to autoregulate.  Ok, so what does that all mean?  Well first off, there are two streams of osteopathy. 
      The first is the medical stream of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons. This exists predominantly in the United States. 
      The other stream is the manual stream, predominantly existing in Canada and Europe.  With extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the Osteopath observes health first- the strength the body has to support healing.  The blocks in health become obvious due to the lack of health in certain places be it in the structure (bones, and supporting tissues), and/or physiology (the function of organs, viscera, body systems).  This information is gathered by the Osteopath with biomechanical and sensorial tests, looking and listening.  When the blocks have been addressed, health can flow more efficiently, healing (with the body’s inherent autoregulatory mechanism) the body’s ailments.

What can I expect when I visit an Osteopath?  When visiting an Osteopath for the first time, it begins with a medical history taking.  I often start with the question ‘what got you here’ to see an osteopath.  After gathering the medical and lifestyle information, standardized biomechanical tests and sensorial tests are done standing (in gravity), lying down (out of gravity) to get a clear picture of how the patient is presenting.  Preliminary treatment begins, and a treatment plan is put into place.  With follow up appointments, I often ask the question ‘how did you feel post treatment?’  Testing and some more discussion occur to get a clear picture of how the body is presenting.   Treatment takes up most of the hour.

Do I need to see my Doctor first?  It is very useful for the Osteopath if medical examinations are up to date i.e. blood/urine/stool tests, X-rays/CT scans/MRI’s,etc…  You do not need a referral from your Doctor to see and Osteopath, but there are more and more Doctors that suggest Osteopathy.

Isabelle Richter - Osteopath

For further info or to book an appointment
contact Isabelle at:



Upcoming Events at the YUWC

Bodytypology Online Weight Loss Support Group
with Sue-Anne Hickey, certified naturopath 
@Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center - TranformArt studio
Starting Wednesday October 3rd at 7 PM - 12 weeks

82 pounds and 46.5 Inches in 12 weeks.
That's how much 6 fabulous women lost in the last weight loss group at The Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center!

One lost 27 pounds, another lost 20 pounds.
They followed the exact same program Sue-Anne  is offering again. Start with a consultation to get your personalized body type plan, and then join a fabulous group of women for fun, motivation and accountability!

When, where, why, and how should I exercise?
FREE Workshop Made For You
October 15th, 2018 @ 7-8pm
@ Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center - TransformART studio


  • You have questions about physical activity and kinesiology?
  • Not ready to commit just yet to some classes?
  • Not sure if you are in good enough shape?
  • You’ve tried several times to start a new routine but always end up giving up?


This workshop is for you if you have questions, concerns or if you are simply curious about physical activity. I will be talking about different aspects of physical activity such as its health benefits, the risks, how, when and why we should  do it.

Open to all - no charge

For more information and to reserve your space, contact Melissa Levell,

TranformART Courses
Hosted by Arantza Izurrategui
@ Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center - TransformART studio

Running from the week of September 24th for 8 weeks
enrollment is ongoing

Yogi Art Club - Sunshine Session
Tuesdays  10:00am – 12:00pm

Yogi Art Club - Moonlight Session

Tuesdays  7:30 – 9:00pm

Teen Art Journaling

Wednesdays 5:00 – 6:30pm

Art Yourself Happy - Sunshine Session

Thursdays 10:00am – 12:00pm

Art Yourself Happy - Moonlight session

Thursdays 7:30 – 9:00pm

Art Journaling

Fridays 10:00am – 12:00pm

For more info 
Contact Arantza at