Newsletter #2

Words of Wellness

July 2018

It’s summer time! And with that comes holidays and vacation time!

This month, Sue-Anne Hickey, the Yellow Umbrella’s certified naturopath and weight loss specialist shares her tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle even while you travel. 

Staying Healthy While You Travel

It’s not always easy to eat healthy while on the road and I’ve learned a lot over the years, my passion is cycle touring and here are my top 7 tips I learned on the road.

01. Plan in advance  

Planning your trip is half the fun! While deciding where you're going to go, find the healthy restaurants and health food stores in the area, where you can stock up on healthy snacks and food.

02. Bring along your yoga mat, apps for yoga or relaxation, running shoes, etc.

It's easy to bring along everything you need to relax, exercise and stretch. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you have to take a vacation from staying in shape!

03. Bring a big batch of trail mix

Trail mix is my go-to snack while at home or on the road. This is something I was able to do even while traveling by bicycle, as it doesn't go bad. No need for a fridge. Buy in bulk and mix together:

  • Raw almonds
  • Raisins
  • Walnuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds, etc.

Keep in a bag and if you run out buy some more. (Avoid the prepackaged mixes as they usually contain unhealthy oils or added salt, etc)

04. Stay regular

So many people, myself included, get constipated while traveling, I found  a simple way to alleviate it.
Add dried prunes to your trail mix! Dried prunes are one of the foods with the highest amount of fiber. You can also increase your intake of probiotics and magnesium citrate. And stay active (see #2)
Also, make sure you drink lots of water to stay hydrated and stay regular.

05. Request a mini fridge and electric kettle

If you'll be staying in hotels, make sure your room comes equipped with a mini fridge and kettle. You can fill up your fridge with fruits, vegetables, snacks you've picked up at the health food store, hummus, etc.
A kettle can be used for relaxing herbal teas or to make instant oatmeal in the morning (not the sugar laden kind, add in fresh or dried fruit.) Or, even better, Nature's Path makes a super healthy instant hot cereal called Q'ia, try it!

06. Try grocery store readymade salads

I often hit the grocery stores for some freshly made salads. Super economical and healthier than most any meal you might grab on the go.

07. Yes of course, deviate a little and enjoy savoring the local specialties!

I like to encourage my clients to stick to the 80 - 20 rule. Aim to make 80% of your foods nutritionally dense and 20% your fun foods, Don't deprive yourself, enjoy your fun foods, don't feel guilty about them and get back on track the rest of the time.

The main thing is to stay healthy most of the time and Have Fun!


Upcoming Events at the YUWC

Chakras and the Emotional Body

 Meditation Program

Starting Wednesday September 12th


Yellow Umbrella's Counsellor Naturotherapist, Sheila Southon will host a new meditation program focusing on healing using the chakras.  For 8 Wednesday evenings we'll explore how emotions are the language between the body and mind, and the special role each chakra plays.  Each session will inspire with new ideas, soothe with guided experiences and teach techniques to enhance your personal inner journey. 

Online Weight Loss Support Group 
with Naturopath Sue-Anne Hickey

Starting Wednesday September 18th


82 pounds and 46.5 Inches in 12 weeks . That's how much 6 fabulous women lost in their 12 week weight loss group at The Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center! One lost 27 pounds, another lost 20 pounds.
They followed the exact same program Sue-Anne is now offering online! Start with a consultation to get your personalized body type plan, and then join a fabulous group of women for fun, motivation and accountability!

Sue-Anne offers consultations one on one in person as well as virtually. 
Email or call her for more info and to reserve your place.



Art & Tapas Nights
Hosted by Arantza Izurrategui  - TransformART

Thursdays - July 12th, August 9th & August 23rd
from 7 to 9:30 pm

A relaxing evening (under the stars, if weather permits) to relax and get creative. Come join us for an exclusive night of art, tapas (small Spanish savory dishes) and fun. 


For more info Contact Arantza at 514-649-0015 or