Newsletter #3

Words of Wellness

August 2018

What a summer!  We have had lots of opportunity to enjoy the plentiful sunshine this year!  While the summer feels like it could go on forever, the ripening tomatoes and the flipping of the calendar bring us face to face with the reality that September and school are around the corner.  The talk at the community pool turns to shopping for supplies and new clothes and some of us can start heading to that "not being in the now" place.  

While we can't stop the changing of the seasons and the coming of fall (and for some the hectic pace it brings), we can be mindful of the increased activity and make efforts to stay in the moment and enjoy the rest of summer ( AND enjoy fall when it gets here).  Breathe deeply and take in all the sights and sounds of this lovely season- no need to rush ahead.




Massage is an Important Part of Health Maintenance

You will often hear people talk of the massage they had at their "spa day", or the special treat or gift of a massage they received from a spouse or child.  These are enjoyable activities and are indeed great gifts in a world where we have too many belongings.  Less stuff and more opportunity to enjoy an experience- what's not to love?

Massage can play a much bigger, and important, role is one's day to day health however.  Since massage can be useful not only for a sore shoulder or a sudden back issue, but also for stress management, people should really consider making massage a regular part of their maintenance routine.  Why?  Massage provides a hands on assessment of your body.  You will have the opportunity to feel where the tight areas are and get them loosened up on the spot.  A relaxation massage will allow the body (nervous system) to attain a deep state of mental and physical repose.

Often a massage therapist will first meet a client when they are in a state of duress.  Their body is in pain or they are in a state of high stress.  While a massage can provide immediate relief, that relief will only last so long.  The longer and more serious the issue, the longer it will take to "fix" the problem.  I don't mean taking a 90 minute instead of a 60 minute session, I mean several appointments over several weeks.  By comparison, when a client is regularly having massage, their body is in a better state overall and a tough week or a slightly sore arm from cleaning can be soothed much more quickly.  Think of massage as you would house cleaning.  If you do your tidying and cleaning on a regular basis, you don't see a buildup of dust or piles of papers and your chores don't take long.  If you leave the job for a month or two, there is more to clean and it takes longer to do so.

I like to say that everyone could use a massage.  We all carry stress and get small aches and pains.  In fact, massage can help one become much more aware of one's body.  It is shocking how many people don't take the time to listen to their body.  One's body is one's home.  It's important to know where the flexibility is and isn't, where the "roof" may become leaky or where the "pipes" may be blocked.  And this is not limited only to adults.  I treat many children and young adults - some are athletes, some have anxiety or ADHD, and am always impressed to see youth taking an interest in their health and realizing the value of starting care early.  Maintenance will always be easier than having to fix something that has "broken".

Many of my clients ask how often they should be getting massages.  The answer is a very personal one and depends on one's level of activity or inactivity, the kind of job one has or how one spends one's time.  Of course insurance coverage or other considerations may come into play as well.  As a general rule of thumb, assuming that there is no major issue, a maintenance routine would see massage happening once every 4-6 weeks for those with a more sedentary and/ or stressful lifestyle.  This can go longer (6-8 weeks) for those who get regular and varied exercise, or for those on vacation (amazing to see the stress leave the shoulders while on vacay!).  No matter the interval, consider massage as less of a treat and more of a crucial part of a health routine.

Maintaining your "home" will go a long way to enhancing your day to day life.  Take care of yourself, you are worth it.




Text: Jodi Pichovich

Certified Massage Therapist
Member FQM 



Upcoming Events at the YUWC

Chakras and the Emotional Body

 Meditation Program

Starting Wednesday September 12th


Yellow Umbrella's Counsellor Naturotherapist, Sheila Southon will host a new meditation program focusing on healing using the chakras.  For 8 Wednesday evenings we'll explore how emotions are the language between the body and mind, and the special role each chakra plays.  Each session will inspire with new ideas, soothe with guided experiences and teach techniques to enhance your personal inner journey. 

Online Weight Loss Support Group 
with Naturopath Sue-Anne Hickey

Starting Wednesday September 18th


82 pounds and 46.5 Inches in 12 weeks . That's how much 6 fabulous women lost in their 12 week weight loss group at The Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center! One lost 27 pounds, another lost 20 pounds.
They followed the exact same program Sue-Anne is now offering online! Start with a consultation to get your personalized body type plan, and then join a fabulous group of women for fun, motivation and accountability!

Sue-Anne offers consultations one on one in person as well as virtually. 
Email or call her for more info and to reserve your place.



Art & Tapas Nights
Hosted by Arantza Izurrategui  - TransformART

Thursdays - August 9th & August 23rd
from 7 to 9:30 pm

A relaxing evening (under the stars, if weather permits) to relax and get creative. Come join us for an exclusive night of art, tapas (small Spanish savory dishes) and fun. 


For more info Contact Arantza at 514-649-0015 or