Sue-Anne Hickey


For over 25 years I have been passionate about learning everything I can about nutrition, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. I integrate my knowledge of stress management, yoga, mindfulness, coaching and more into my practice. My unique body type weight loss program has helped hundreds shed weight and regain their health and happiness.


As a certified naturopath I am dedicated to helping people heal their ailments naturally with a speciality in weight loss. Today, I enjoy optimal health and high energy embracing life to the maximum, easily maintaining my ideal weight, free of mood swings and stronger than ever before, even as I grow older.

This definitely wasn’t always the case. I was much weaker – falling asleep at my desk before lunch. My energy was up and down all day, crashing mid-afternoon. I was unable to find the motivation to do the things I love, participating in sports, bike riding and spending quality time with friends. I was hypoglycemic, constantly craving sweets, using carbs to try to find and keep my energy up. My body was overly acidic causing my hands to be covered with eczema. I had lost my healthy glow and all vibrancy. But, what’s more, I was nearly ready to accept that this was the way my life would be.

All that changed when I began to investigate and uncover that every body has a typology that guides the best food choice and nutrition – timing for eating that naturally balances metabolism. The best part is, when I discovered this answer to my unnatural cravings and unhealthy way of eating EVERYTHING changed. The results were amazing! I healed myself completely and my strength and energy increased like never before. When I began to show my clients how they could eat right for their body too, they had similar results and easily lost the weight they had been struggling to lose for so long, while healing their ailments naturally.


That’s when I created Bodytypology: The Body Type System for Lasting Weight Loss. It’s a personalized healthy eating weight loss system that works better than any diet. I am as excited as my clients are when they regain their health and happiness.
Yes, you can solve health problems naturally!

Need help with acid reflux or constipation?
Want to sail through hormonal imbalances, symptom free?
Need to learn natural ways to help seasonal allergies, sinusitis or asthma?
Experiencing pain from inflammation?

Want to get off of your medication?


I get to the root cause of your ailments. We’ll put together a plan focused on bringing forth your body's incredible healing ability. We can also test your acidity levels and help you heal the chronic inflammation that underlies many health problems.

My passion is in sharing the tools and knowledge I’ve gained so that you too can learn to prevent and overcome your chronic health issues and lose weight if you so desire.


I graduated from Concordia University with a B.A, specialization French/English Translation. And completed my 1500 hours of studies in French at l’École de Naturothérapie du Québec, obtaining my certification as a naturopath.
I am a member of A.N.P.Q. The Quebec Professional Association of Naturopaths. Insurance receipts are provided.

Contact me at: 514-577-1963