Jodi Pichovich

B.A. Massage Therapist

A big believer that everyone should feel good and function well, I feel strongly about helping others and really listening to their needs.  Having made major changes in my own lifestyle in recent years, I understand those in transition with regard to their health and am ready to lend a helping hand (yes, I love puns).  My calm and compassionate nature has grown out of my exposure in Japan to meditation and Zen Buddhism.

Member of the fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes agréés

I graduated from McGill and lived in Japan for several years before returning home to Montreal to raise my family.  After working for a non-profit and then in the health and wellness industry, I found my passion in massage therapy.  I am a graduate of Kiné- Concept, a very respected massage school, and I continue to take a variety of courses in order to add to my toolbox.

While my work has provided me with experience in many areas of massage, my main interests include working with clients who experience stress and anxiety adults and children diagnosed with ADHD.  A personal touch point of mine is technology and what it is doing to our health.  I treat many clients who have neck and shoulder issues due to work and reliance on tech.

Massages I offer:

  • Kinetic Swedish massage
  • Thai table massage
  • Chair massage

When not massaging, I can be found in my vegetable garden, or baking.  I love hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, camping and kayaking and I try to walk as much as possible.

Jodi Pichovich,

Certified Massage Therapist
Member FQM