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     Psychologue, m.a

Uncertain Times

Uncertain Circumstances
By Kate Huxham - guest writer

Over the past two months our lives have been turned upside down. Many things that are key ingredients to our day to day happiness are no longer accessible. It’s seems inconceivable that something as simple as visiting a friend would be considered dangerous.  These are the times we are living in and adjusting is an arduous task.  So how do you cope? This is something I’ve been struggling with for the past two months. '

Ever since the Quarantine started I’ve been experiencing an unprecedented amount of anxiety and mood swings. It has left me feeling alone and at a loss, quite frankly I haven’t felt like myself since all this started.  If you’re struggling with any of the same things I am, take comfort in knowing you aren’t alone.  This pandemic is taking a huge toll on people’s mental health.  Most of this situation is out of our control and for many of us that’s really difficult to come to terms with. We are better off focusing on the little things we can control to help ease our anxieties. Here’s a list of some tips and tricks that tend to help me when I’m feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

 Coping tips:
Talk about your fears and anxieties
Get fresh air, everyday
Distract yourself: watch tv, read a book, play a game
Allow yourself some time to grieve what you’ve lost whether it be a family member or an opportunity
Make plans for the future even if they may seem far off
Minimize social media consumption
Talk to your friends and family
Notice when you start spiralling in anxious thoughts
Remind yourself that there’s no point in stressing about what hasn’t happened yet
Pick one thing to look forward to everyday
Have an object that you can fidget with when you get anxious or feel overwhelmed